1.11.51 Release

13 May 2022
ClojureScript Team

We’re happy to announce a new release of ClojureScript. If you’re an existing user of ClojureScript please read over the following release notes carefully.

Clojure 1.11 parity

This release includes support for :as-alias. It adds update-vals and update-keys. It introduces the cljs.math namespace, providing portability for code using clojure.math. iteration,NaN?, parse-long, parse-double, parse-boolean, and parse-uuid have also been added.

This release also ports CLJ-2608, which adds support for trailing, conj-able element in map-destructuring support for seqs.

Vendorization of tools.reader, data.json, and transit-clj

ClojureScript is one of the largest libraries in the Clojure ecosystem. Having to compile some 20,000+ lines of Clojure code every time is a significant hit to REPL start times and other typical tasks. Thus ClojureScript is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled.

However, due to some subtle aspects of AOT this can lead to unresolveable dependency conflicts. Users have hit this issue with nearly all of the declared dependencies: transit-clj, data.json, and tools.reader.

After conferring with the Clojure Team, we decided to vendorize all these dependencies. This way we can AOT everything and be confident that we won’t create a conflict that can’t easily be fixed via normal dependency management. ClojureScript no longer depends on transit-clj, only transit-java. The dependance on data.json has been removed. ClojureScript dependance on tools.reader is for a less common use case - bootstrapping the compiler to JavaScript.

Some care was taken to ensure backwards compatibility, and we are particularly interested in any issues that people may encounter.

Other Changes

The minimum Clojure version for ClojureScript is now 1.10. Google Closure Compiler has been updated to the May release.

For a complete list of updates in ClojureScript 1.11.51 see here


Thanks to all of the community members who contributed to ClojureScript 1.11.51:

  • Tom Connors

  • Roland Thiolliere

  • David Frese

  • Paula Gearon

  • Matthew Huebert

  • Hyun-woo Nam

  • Timothy Pratley

  • Henry Widd