1.9.908 Release

16 August 2017
ClojureScript Team

This release contains many bug fixes and addresses feedback from the 1.9.854 release candidate.

Simpler Module Loading

Besides several important fixes, a small bit of automatic configuration from the new module loading feature has been removed. Any module that will be loaded via cljs.loader must require it and must invoke cljs.loader/set-loaded! manually as the final statement. All existing documentation and examples from previous posts have been updated. This simplification now means downstream libraries can easily build higher level composable facilities upon cljs.loader.

Node Modules

We’re extremely excited to see users enthusiastically giving :npm-deps a try even at this early stage. Several limitations have been discovered and addressed, and we’ve even contributed patches back to Closure Compiler to push things forward. There’s still a significant amount of work to do, so we encourage you to keep trying different libraries and telling us about your experiences.

For a full list of enhancements, fixes, and changes look here.